Alishan Oolong Tea

Alishan oolong tea is one of the best Taiwan oolongs. As its name suggests, it is grown on Ali Mountain of Jianyi County, Taiwan. The tea is grown at 1100m to 2300m above sea level. High mountain conditions with low temperatures, constantly clouds and plenty of fog make it perfect for planting high quality oolong tea.

The primary processing of Alishan oolong tea includes 7 steps. The leaves are pan fried, rolled, dried and then finally baked.

The brewed Alishan oolong has a pale yellow color and rich floral taste with a delicate sweetness. Like other oolongs, it can be brewed multiple times.

There are many benefits of drinking Alishan oolong tea, including weight loss benefits, strengthening teeth & preventing tooth decay, skin benefits, preventing heart disease & cancer, etc.

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