Benefits of Drinking Hot Oolong Tea in Summer

The chemical components in the oolong tea water, such as polyphenols, sugars, pectin, amino acids, etc., react with saliva to moisturize the mouth and produce a refreshing feeling; the caffeine in the tea also regulates the body temperature center from the inside and stimulates the kidneys to promote Excretion, so that the body’s heat is smoothly discharged, making people feel relaxed and refreshed. 

In addition, drinking hot oolong tea in the summer can promote the secretion of sweat glands. A large amount of water seeps out through the pores on the skin and evaporates and each 1 ml per evaporation for water takes 539 calories away. The more water you evaporate, the more heat you dissipate. This is the secret of drinking hot oolong tea to quench your thirst.

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