Best Oolong Tea

Best oolong tea includes:

Da Hong Pao – Also called Big Red Robe, a highly prized tea and a member of Si Da Ming Cong (the four famous Wuyi Oolong tea bushes). It is also one of the most famous Chinese teas throughout Chinese history.
Shui Jin Gui – Also called Golden Turtle, a member of Si Da Ming Cong.
Tieluohan – Also named as Iron Arhat, a member of Si Da Ming Cong.
Bai Ji Guan – Also called White Cockscomb, a member of Si Da Ming Cong.

Rou Gui – Also called Cinnamon, a dark color tea with a spicy aroma.
Shui Hsien – Also called Water Sprite, a very dark tea.
Huang Mei Gui – Also called Yellow Rose, a very new tea with a floral infusion and a very light taste.
Qi Lan – Also called Rare Orchid, a famous light tea.
Jin Suo Chi – Also called Golden Key.
Ban Tian Yao – Also called Half Day Perish.
Fo Shou – Also called Buddha Hands.
Tie Guan Yin (Ti Kuan Yin) – Also called Iron Goddess of Mercy, is a tea from Anxi in South Fujian. It is a worldwide well-known Chinese Oolong tea.
Ben Shan – Also called Anxi Ben Shan oolong, is one of the Anxi oolongs.
Mao Xie – Also called Hairy Crab oolong (the direct translation of its Chinese name) in English, one of the Anxi Oolong teas.
Huang Jin Gui – A tightly curled tea from Anxi in South Fujian.
Mei Zhan – Also called Mui Jim oolong, is one of the most famous Anxi oolongs from Fujian Province, China.
Fenghuang Dancong – One of most famous Guangdong oolongs which comes from the Phoenix Mountain of Chao-an County at Chao-zhou City, Guangdong Province, China.
Huang Guanyin – Also called Yellow Goddess of Mercy, a very new but already famous tea.
Shi Ru Xiang – Also milk rock tea, fragrant stalactite, rock frankincense or fragrant rock milk.
Lan Gui Ren – Also called Lady Orchid, is one of the most famous oolongs which comes from Yunnan province of China.
Pouchong – The lightest and most floral oolong tea. It originated in Fujian but it is now widely cultivated and produced in Taiwan.
Dongding Oolong – Also known as Tung Ting Oolong, is one of the most famous and finest Formosa Oolong.
Shan Lin Xi Oolong – One of the famous Taiwan oolongs.
Pouchong – Also known as Baozhong or Qing Cha, is a lightly oxidized oolong tea, one of the most famous Taiwan oolong tea.
Alishan Oolong Tea – It is one of the best Taiwan oolongs. As its name suggests, it is grown on Ali Mountain of Jianyi County, Taiwan.
Four Season Oolong Tea – Also known as Evergreen Oolong or Si Ji Chun, is a type of Taiwan oolong tea.

There are many health benefits to drinking oolong tea, including help in weight loss, teeth strengthening, combating the aging of skin, etc.