Can we drink tea instead of water?

Tea is made with water, and drinking tea is also drinking water. Is drinking tea equal to drinking water? Can we only drink tea and not water?

In general, a person needs 2500ml of water a day, some can be obtained from food, and some can be produced from the metabolism of the human body, with more than 60% of the water, we need to drink water to supplement.

Approximately 1600ml or more needs to be replenished every day.

So, drinking tea is also water, is it any different?

In addition to water, tea also contains diuretic ingredients such as tea polyphenols. These ingredients can help us discharge waste from the body, but also carry a lot of water.

Therefore, although drinking tea can provide water, it also drains water while drinking, and the amount of water that is really replenished is not much.

It is equivalent to a pool, where the water is added while the water is released, the water level will rise very slowly.

If you don’t drink a lot of tea, just the amount of water, then it is recommended that you drink more tea, which is equivalent to more than 3000ml, so that it can meet the requirements of hydration.

If you have about two cups of tea a day, and your water volume should be only about 1500ml, then it is recommended that you get more than 800ml of water to ensure the body’s need for water.

Of course, if you make tea lighter, drink more than 2000 ml of water in one tea, you can not replenish the water, because basically the water component, the tea component is not much, the drainage will be reduced.

In short, if we do n’t drink tea and do n’t drink water, or remember to drink water from a dead number, we should focus on the needs of the human body, such as drinking tea or water when thirsty.

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