Choose Right Teapot for Oolong Tea

The right teapot is one of the six key factors of making a perfect cup of oolong tea. (The other five factors are: good water, high quality tea, correct measurement, right water temperature and correct steeping time.)

There are different types of teapot on the market now, such as glass, stainless steel, ceramic, bone china, clay, etc. For oolong tea, the most suitable teapot is clay teapots. Here, we highly recommend the Chinese Yixing teapot as it may get the most out of your oolong tea. Due to its excellent porosity and heat handling properties, the taste of your oolong tea may be significantly improved when compared to your tea made in other teapots.

However, when you use Yixing teapot, remember that never try to brew different types of tea in your same teapot. Brewing oolong tea first and then Sencha in your Yixing teapot will make it difficult for you to enjoy the true flavor and aroma of Sencha and your latter brewing teas.

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