Gaiwan is a tea set with a lid, a bottom, and a bowl. Gaiwan is also known as the “three talent bowl”, “three talent cup”, cover for the sky, bottom for the ground, bowl for people, implied the meaning of heaven and earth.

The tea bowl of Gaiwan is large and small, the lid can be placed in the bowl, and the bottom acts as the bottom. When drinking tea, the cover is not easy to slip, and there is a tea bottom for the sake of avoiding hot hands. And you only need to carry the tea bottom to stabilize the center of gravity. You don’t have to uncover it when you drink tea. You only need half a half and a half. The tea leaves are not imported, and the tea soup can be slowly pulled out. It is very pleasant and avoids the trouble of the pot blocking the cup. The tea lid of the bowl of tea is placed in the bowl. If the tea soup is thicker, use a tea lid to gently scrape the surface of the water, so that the whole bowl of tea is turned over under the water. The light scraping is light, and the heavy scraping is thick, which is wonderful.

Using tips:
1. When drinking with Gaiwan, the lid, bottom, and bowl should not be used separately, otherwise it is neither polite nor beautiful.
2. When you drink, uncover the lid of the bowl, first smell it and smell the tea.
3. When drinking, use the bowl cover to pour the tea leaves floating in the tea soup and drink.
4. In some areas, tea is often added after the bowl is made of tea. In the northern area, it is usually used directly after drinking tea in a bowl.

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