How to Choose Best Oolong Tea

How to choose the best oolong tea? Many people simply choose tea based on tea shop’s descriptions and recommendations. But note that as tea shops always pursuit profits, you might buy the wrong one. So here I will provide something useful for you to judge and choose teas yourselves.

Oolong tea type Tie Guan Yin will be the best starting choice if you are new to oolong tea drinking. While, if you are a regular oolong tea drinker and searching for something new to change, please choose from the best oolong teas.

Generally, we can judge the tea from its appearance and smelling. High grade oolong tea should be light gold in color without any burned marks. It has a strong floral aroma, sweet taste, smooth broth and long lasting after taste in the mouth. The tea should not smell moldy or have odd odors.