How to keep your oolong tea leaves fresh

First, the common method is sealed preservation. The purchased oolong tea leaves should be separated into several small bags immediately and packed in pre-prepared tea cans or tubes. It is best to fill the lid once and do not open it when not in use. Keep the lid tight after use. If possible, put some quicklime packed in a cloth bag in the vessel to absorb moisture and keep the tea leaves fresh.

The second method is the cold storage method. This method can keep a large amount of tea leaves fresh without adding any preservatives, so it is purely physical preservation. As long as the warehouse is constructed reasonably and the temperature can be maintained at -4 ℃ to 2 ℃ unchanged, the oolong tea leaves will keep fresh. However, the tea leaves must be vacuumed before leaving the warehouse. Otherwise, when they are exposed to the air, moisture and oxygen will form water vapor beads due to the exposure, which will condense on tea leaves and accelerate their deterioration.

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