How to make oolong tea taste good

To make oolong tea taste good, there are three key factors you can follow:

1. The ratio of tea and water is about 1:22.

According to the capacity of the bowl we use for brewing oolong tea, you can generally choose to put seven or eight grams of oolong tea, so that the overall strength of the brewed oolong tea is appropriate.

2. Brewing with boiling water at 100 ºC. 

Oolong tea has a greening process in the production process. Greening makes the oolong tea with rich taste of aroma and layering. The aromatic substances in oolong tea can be volatilized as much as possible when the brewing water is at 100 ºC.

3. Strong water injection

When injecting water, inject water along Gaiwan or a point of the clay teapot. Be careful not to use water to directly flush the tea leaves otherwise the rapid precipitation of bitter substances would affect the taste of the tea soup.

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