Kung Fu Tea Sets

Oolong tea is ideal to be steeped in Kung Fu style. Here, the term of Kung Fu means the skill gained from practice. Brewing oolong in Kung Fu style will not only bring out the best flavor of tea leaves, but also allow the sweet flavor of tea to come out without excess caffeine or tannin. Therefore, those who are sensitive to caffeine can also enjoy this tea before sleeping.

Making oolong tea in Kung Fu style is an art and the Kung Fu tea sets are also works of art. Here I will introduce the most common tea sets for brewing oolong tea in Kung Fu style.

a. Tea Pot
b. Gaiwan
c. Tea Cup or Drinking Cup
d. Fragrance Cup or Aroma Cup
e. Justice Cup or Serving Cup
f. Tea Caddy
g. Tea Strainer
h. Kung Fu Tea Utensil Set
i. Teapot Brush
j. Tea Tray