Lan Gui Ren Oolong Tea

Lan Gui Ren, also known as Lady Orchid, is one of the most famous oolongs which comes from Yunnan province of China. It is a unique oolong both in its shape and flavor.

The tea leaves are tightly rolled with a thin layer of mixture of ginseng powder and licorice powder, forming little pellets. The brewed tea is amber in color with an amazing orchid aroma. It has thick and strong taste, with sweet and complex aftertaste.

The tea can be infused for 4-6 times. Please use hot water to completely unfurl the tea when brewing it. Yixing or porcelain tea ware is recommended.

There are many health benefits to drinking Lan Gui Ren oolong tea, including helping with weight loss, teeth strengthening, combating the aging of skin, etc.

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One thought on “Lan Gui Ren Oolong Tea

  • March 8, 2012 at 3:26 PM

    The first two infusions are the best. Unfortunately, when the licorice and ginseng is gone, and you get to the leaves, there isn’t much flavor left. But I do think it is at least worth a try.

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