Milk Oolong Tea

Milk oolong, also known as silk oolong, is a type of Taiwan oolong tea. It is reputed for its special milky silky texture.

There are many versions about the origin of its unusual characteristic. A legend goes that long time ago, the moon fell in love with a comet passing through the night sky. The comet, passed by, burned out and vanished. The moon, in her sorrow caused a great wind to blow through the hills and valleys bringing about a quick drop in temperature. The next morning, local tea pluckers went out to collect fresh tea leaves. To their surprise, when the tea was processed it had developed an amazing milky character, which was attributed to the motherly character of the old moon.

From then on, people learn to produce this special milky tea. The production methods of the tea have remained unchanged for years. It is said that tea leaves are plucked from gardens situated between 500-1200 meters, and the tea is produced between March and December.

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