Oolong Tea and Caffeine

Does oolong tea have caffeine content?

Yes, oolong tea has caffeine content. In fact, caffeine occurs naturally in a large number of plants, such as coffee, tea, kola nuts, etc. Therefore, caffeine is an important constituent of many drinks.

How much caffeine does the oolong tea contain?

Generally speaking, the caffeine content of the oolong tea depends on two main variables, namely the type of the tea leaves and the tea preparation method.

Actually, oolong tea has less caffeine than coffee and black tea. A cup of oolong tea only has about 1/3 of caffeine of a cup of coffee.

According to a research conducted by HICKS M.B, the caffeine decreases whenever the tea leaves go through the process of brewing. The first brewing has about 3 times more caffeine than the second brewing and the second has about 3 times more than the third.

Oolong tea caffeine benefits

The low doses of caffeine in oolong tea can provide a wide range of benefits. It increases alertness, stimulates metabolism and helps to improve our mood. Therefore, oolong tea is considered to be a good source of caffeine. Click here to know more benefits of oolong tea.

How to reduce you caffeine intake?

Like to drink oolong tea but want to reduce your caffeine intake? Here we provide you some solutions:
a. Using a little less tea leaves
b. Do not drink the first brewing
c. Reduce the brewing time for your serving

However, there are lots of benefits of oolong tea, including the weight loss benefits, skin benefits, etc.

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