Oolong Tea Benefits for Eczema

There are a lot of oolong tea benefits which you should know before you purchase it. One of the significant benefits is that it is beneficial for treating skin problems such as eczema and rashes.

According to a report the Archives of Dermatology, a research found that the consumption of 3 cups daily of oolong tea relieved eczema’s itchy, red, swollen rashes in 54% off 118 patients for whom standards treatments had failed.

Researchers concluded that polyphenols in oolong tea stopped the rash reaction.

Besides its benefits for eczema and rashes, there are many other benefits of the tea, following please find more.

1. Weight Loss Benefits
2. Help strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay.
3. Skin Benefits
4. Benefits on Preventing Heart Disease & Cancer
5. Benefits for Diabetes Patients
6. It will help reduce high blood pressure.
7. It assists in prolonging and improving vitality and life span.
8. It benefits include helping in relieving physical and mental stress as well.
9. It helps improve brain power.
10. It benefits for lowering blood sugar levels.