Oolong Tea Side Effects

Though oolong tea has a number of benefits of our health, there are still some negative side effects for over consumption of this tea.

Following you may find some major oolong tea side effects.

The tea contains little caffeine. According to research, excessive use of caffeine may cause down-graded metabolism, sleep disorders and insulin resistance. There were cases of elderly patients who suffered hypokalemia due to excessive consumption of the tea.

Pregnant women are advised to have no more than 300mg of caffeine per day as high consumption of caffeine may result in miscarriage.

It may do harm to your kidney if over consumed as the tea contains an organic acid called oxalate.

Yes, there are many side effects of t the tea but all of them occur only on over consumption. If you discipline yourself on the consumption, you will only enjoy the numerous health benefits of oolong tea.