Oolong Tea Skin Benefits

There are numerous benefits of oolong tea. One of the amazing benefits is that it may perfect your skin via slowing down the aging process.

As we all know that, our skin is constantly exposed to free radicals and the more we ages the less our bodies are able to deal with them. As a result, these free radicals may cause dark spots and wrinkles on the skin as well as accelerate the aging of the skin.

Oolong tea have antioxidants which has the ability to destroy free radicals. A 2004 research, conducted by Dr. Kenichi Yanagimoto from the University of California, showed that only 15 days of consumption of oolong tea had an incredible 50% Reduction in Free Radicals!

Another study from Shiga University of Medical Science also found that regular consumption of oolong tea may help to get rid of skin problems and improve the color of our skin.

What do those mean to us? It is so wonderful that we could use a natural way to make us healthier and younger. Start to enjoy the benefits of oolong tea today and you may witness the changes happening every day.

Besides the skin benefits, there are many other benefits of oolong tea, following please find more.

1. Weight Loss Benefits
2. Help strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay.
3. Benefits on preventing heart disease & cancer
4. Benefits for Diabetes Patients
5. It will help reduce high blood pressure.
6. It assists in prolonging and improving vitality and life span.
7. It benefits include helping in relieving physical and mental stress as well.
8. It is beneficial for treating skin problems such as eczema and rashes.
9. It helps improve brain power.
10. It benefits for lowering blood sugar levels.