Oolong Tea Steeping Time

The steeping time of oolong tea is very important. Besides best tea, good water, correct measurement, proper teapot and water temperature, accurate steeping time is one of the most critical elements in brewing the oolong tea to its best.

For most oolongs, the recommended time is 1-3 minutes. You may also follow the instructions about the actual steeping time on the package of the oolong tea you bought. Quality oolongs always can be infused 4-6 times. Gradually shorten the time for your 2nd, 3rd and 4th steepings. After that, increase the time for your each following steeping. By doing that, you may continue enjoying your tasty cups of tea.

Generally speaking, the more oolong tea leaves you have used, the steeping time for each infusion is less. If you prefer stronger taste oolong, use more tea leaves and steep for more time.

You may also make a try to brew your oolong tea with different time sessions for each infusion. It can be a test to see how many steepings your tea can last and it is also exciting to experience the aroma and taste change from one cup to another.

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