Pouchong Oolong Tea

Pouchong, also known as Baozhong or Qing Cha, is a lightly oxidized oolong tea which undergoes a low oxidation and withering process – just 8-18%. Originally, it was produced in Pinglin, Taiwan.

Unlike other ball-like oolong teas, Pouchong tea is processed and rolled into stick-like form. It also has the greenest color of all oolong teas. It creates a balance of green tea freshness and floral fragrance of darker oolongs.

There are three main varieties of Pouchong – Wenshan, Nangang and Lanyang. Wenshan tea region has been the most important and popular Pouchong tea region for over a hundred years. Farmers there are preparing tea strictly following old fashioned tea processing methods.

There are many benefits of drinking Pouchong oolong tea, including weight loss, skin benefits, preventing heart disease & cancer, etc.

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