Taiwan Oolong Tea

Taiwan oolong tea, also called Formosa oolong tea (Formosa means beautiful island in Portuguese), refers to the oolong tea which is grown and produced in Taiwan.

The history of oolong tea cultivation in Taiwan can date back to the 19th century. Due to the ideal growing conditions and unique production methods, Taiwan oolong has become one of the world’s finest teas.

Taiwan oolong has a distinctive taste and aroma. It should be brewed for about a minute and over brewing may result in bitter taste. It is said that brewing the tea with spring water which is of high mineral content will yield the best tasting tea.

There are many areas in Taiwan that cultivate oolong teas, but the best teas are grown in the mountains of central Taiwan as the growing conditions there are ideal – high mountains in a subtropical climate create the cool humid conditions which oolong tea thrives on.

The best known Taiwan oolong include Dongding Oolong, Alishan Oolong, Pouchong, Shanlinxi Oolong, Jade Mountain Oolong, Dong Fang Mei Ren, Da Yu Ling OolongLi Shan Oolong, etc.

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