the Best Water in China

1st Grade Water
the Jade Spring in Beijing
the Zhongling Spring in Jiangsu Province
the Bao Tu Spring in the City of Jinan

2nd Grade Water
The waterfall in the Kangwang valley, Mount. Lushan
The Huishan Spring in Wuxi

3rd Grade Water
The Huqiu Temple Spring in Suzhou
The Pearl Spring in Jinan
The Longjing Spring in Hangzhou
The Hupao Spring in Hangzhou

4th Grade Water
The Luyu Spring in the Guangjiao Temple, Shangrao City
The Toad Rock Spring

5th Grade Water
The Spring in the Daming Temple in Yangzhou City
The Bairu Spring in Huaiyuan
The Origing of the Huai River

6th Grade Water
The Xiangxi River in the Yuxu cave
The West Luo River in Shangzhou
The waterfall in Mount. Tiantai
The Yanling Beach water in Tonglu

7th Grade Water
The Greedy Spring in Guangzhou City
The West Hill Tea and Milk Spring
Guzhu Purple Shoot and Jinsha Spring
Junshan Yinzhen Tea and Liuyi Spring
The Waterfall and Tea in Mount Tiantai

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