the Most Expensive Oolong Tea

Among all the oolong tea, whether it is new tea or old tea, “Mother Tree Da Hong Pao” of Wuyi Mountain is the most expensive oolong tea in the world. It is priced at 5.2 million RMB/ kg at present. The mother tree Da Hong Pao is located on the cliff wall of Jiu Longke in the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area. It belongs to the national protection unit and is the “source” of the Da Hong Pao varieties planted in Wuyi Mountain in large areas. 

In 2003, Municipal Government of the Wuyi Mountain insured the People’s Insurance Company of China for the current six strains (two of which were produced by asexual breeding) Da Hong Pao mother plants with 100 million yuan in product liability insurance.

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