Water Temperature for Brewing Oolong Tea

Along with the quality of tea, water quality, correct measurement, proper steeping time and teapot, water temperature is one of the most critical elements for brewing perfect oolong tea.

Generally speaking, the older/ more oxidized/ more roasted degree the oolong is, the higher the water temperature should be. That is to say, if your oolong is aged, oxidized or roasted, you’d better brewing it with a higher temperature.

The proper water temperature for brewing oolong tea is between 85–95 degrees Celsius or 185–205 degrees Fahrenheit. You may control the temperature with a thermometer. There is also another way to measure the temperature, namely cooling the just-boiled water in another vessel to the ideal temperature with your oolong tea.

These are quite important for brewing delicate oolong tea. Quality teas can be steeped 4-6 times.

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