Whether to wash oolong tea before drinking?

Regarding whether to wash tea before drinking oolong tea, there are currently two views: Some people said that tea washing and brewing it with boiling water should be promoted. The method of “washing tea” is to pour boiling water into oolong tea leaves, gently shake the tea and water in the pot several times, and then pour off the tea immediately. It not only cleans dust and other attachments, but also removes some parts that are easily soluble in hot water. By doing that, the original toxic substances dissolved in tea soup can be removed, especially the use of boiling water brewing method will greatly reduce lead intake. Therefore, tea washing is required.

Another view is that there is no need to wash tea before drinking. There are three reasons: the beneficial ingredients in the tea content such as catechin, tea polyphenols, amino acids, etc. are easily soluble after 40 degrees high temperature, and washing tea will cause these beneficial ingredients to be lost in large quantities. What’s more, regular brands of oolong tea have passed the national quality inspection and do not have the problem of pesticides exceeding the standard. And heavy metals are generally insoluble in water, so, unless you eat the tea, you do not have the chance to take them it. Therefore, there is no need to wash the oolong tea before drinking.

Professor Liu Zhonghua of the China Tea Society believes that if you drink high-quality authentic oolong tea, you do not need to wash tea, but if you buy low-end or bulk tea, you’d better rinse with warm or cold water.

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