Wuyi Oolong Tea

Wuyi oolong tea, which refers to the oolong tea made from the tea plants grown on the Wuyi Mountain, is one of the most famous teas in China. In Mandarin, it is also known as rock tea or yancha. Wuyi Mountain, with an average elevation of 650 meters and a pure atmosphere, is the ideal place for cultivating tea plants.

According to historical documents, Wuyi Mountain is also the birthplace of oolong tea. It was said that oolong tea was named after part of the original pronunciation of Wuyi Mountain.

Wuyi oolong tea has long, curly leaves resembling iron shards. Based on the locations of the tea plants grown, Wuyi oolong tea can be classed into three types, namely Wuyi authentic (Oolong tea from the centre area of Wuyi Mountain, with the best quality), Wuyi half cliff tea (from the hills’ peripheral area, with the better quality) and Wuyi stream cliff tea (from the shores of Cong Stream, Jiuqu Stream and Huangbo Stream, with general quality).

Of all the Wuyi oolong teas, the four famous ones, also known as Si Da Ming Cong in Mandarin, are Big Red Robe, Iron Arhat, White Cockscomb and Golden Turtle.

There are many health benefits to drinking Wuyi oolong tea, including help in weight loss, teeth strengthening, etc.

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